Converting waste into value

Recycle and Reuse


Urban Metals made its E-waste recycling facility operational in September 2020 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Just like municipal solid waste (MSW), E-waste is also generated in almost all big and small cities of India and requires a robust waste handling mechanism. As we did a small survey regarding the channelization of E-waste in Rajasthan, some interesting facts came up. It was noted that a major amount of E-waste collected in Rajasthan is being transported to outside states for its recycling and disposal. And therefore, from our perspective it was not only an opportunity but a subject of importance to set up an E-waste recycling facility in Jaipur. This will reduce transportation cost and will ultimately lower the overall cost of E-waste processing. Collecting and processing E-waste within the state will also boost the local economy by creating jobs for many.
Metal recovery
E-waste contains up to 15 metals that includes Base Metals (BMs), Rare Earth Elements (REEs) and Precious Metals (PMs). It is important to recover as many of these metals from E-waste as possible because if not recovered they will otherwise go to waste. As a result, to fulfil their need in manufacturing new electronics these metals will have to be extracted from earth through mining. Therefore, recovery of these metals from E-waste is quite imperative and Urban Metals aims to do just that. Current industrial practice in India focuses primarily on extraction of copper and precious metals (Silver, Gold, Palladium) from E-waste. It does not involve extraction of a lot of other Base Metals (BMs) and Rare Earth Elements (REEs). Urban Metals is specifically focused on developing techniques that will economically recover BMs and REEs from E-waste.
It’s a term that is being used quite frequently these days. This is because of the fact that the world is now moving towards sustainability like never before and it’s a great sign! Electric transportation and renewable energy are showing some really promising and practically achievable results for the upcoming years. And all of this is possible because of scientists and engineers worldwide who are making efforts to build techniques that will ensure a harmonious coexistence of technology and nature. Using a similar scientific and engineering approach, Urban Metals has committed itself towards the development of methodologies that will ensure maximum value extraction from E-waste. This approach can help us reduce our dependency on mining and in turn minimize its deteriorative effects on our planet.

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Worked with them very closely and I would say best is the word that fits the purpose, they are best in the market.

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Urban Metals is the company which promises and make sure to deliver on time.

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Some words from our best partners

Best E-waste recycling company so far, knows thier tool and machine so perfectly well, it was great working with you guys.Thanks!

Tanmay , AT Solustions Pvt Ltd.